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Photos of some  birds taken at East Fork Lake  Ohio State Park In the Months of March and April 2018.

East Fork State Park Now Holds the record in North America  for the oldest longevity of a Yellow-throated warble ever.  I photographed the banded bird April 15, 2018  9am near the Camp ground area. 

Below is the information submitted to USGS bird Dept.

{Dear Mark Kraus, Thank you for submitting your encounter information for bird band number 2520-19524. The fact that you have received this email confirms that we have your data in our database. Please do not report the band number again. INFORMATION YOU ENTERED: About your Band/Bird Band number: 2520-19524 Species: Yellow-throated Warbler How obtained: Sight record: band read by telescope or other means while bird was free. Status of Bird/Band: Alive - Unknown/Left On Bird Remarks: Photographed at East Fork State park at Camp Beach area. Batavia Ohio Band also had ABRE on it. There are two rows of numbers. one row is 19524 the next row was 2520 and it had the Letters ABRE with the word OPEN I have the photos Date of recovery: Apr 15, 2018 Location of recovery: Coordinates: Lat/Lon 39.03006 -84.10410 East Fork State Park , Clermont County, Ohio, United States}

{INFORMATION FROM OUR FILES: Species: Yellow-throated Warbler Date banded: 04/07/2012 Banding Location: STABLE AREA, FT MORGAN STATE PARK, ALABAMA, BALDWIN COUNTY, ALABAMA, USA Age: HATCHED IN 2011 Sex: MALE}

Hi Mark, Yes, we received the photos and that band number you reported is right. You should get the details overnight. This is the new longevity record for Yellow-throated Warbler at 6 years, 10 months. Amazing that you were able to get photos of the whole band. Regards Matt Rogosky Biologist USGS Bird Banding Laboratory 12100 Beech Forest Rd Laurel, MD 20708

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