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I would like to dedicate my Blog to my best friend and fellow photographer, Jerry Fritsch.  We lost Jerry January 10, 2017

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April 24, 2018

East Fork State Park Now Holds the record in North America for the oldest longevity of a Yellow-throated warble ever recorded by almost 2 Years. I photographed the banded bird April 15, 2018 9am near the Camp ground area.

Below is the information submitted to USGS bird Dept.

{Dear Mark Kraus, Thank you for submitting your encounter information for bird band number 2520-19524. The fact that you have received this email confirms that we have your data in our database. Please do not report the band number again. INFORMATION YOU ENTERED: About your Band/Bird Band number: 2520-19524 Species: Yellow-throated Warbler How obtained: Sight record: band read by telescope or other means while bird was free. Status of Bird/Band: Alive - Unknown/Left On Bird Remarks: Photographed at East Fork State park at Camp Beach area. Batavia Ohio Band also had ABRE on it. There are two rows of numbers. one row is 19524 the next row was 2520 and it had the Letters ABRE with the word OPEN I have the photos Date of recovery: Apr 15, 2018 Location of recovery: Coordinates: Lat/Lon 39.03006 -84.10410 East Fork State Park , Clermont County, Ohio, United States}

{INFORMATION FROM OUR FILES: Species: Yellow-throated Warbler Date banded: 04/07/2012 Banding Location: STABLE AREA, FT MORGAN STATE PARK, ALABAMA, BALDWIN COUNTY, ALABAMA, USA Age: HATCHED IN 2011 Sex: MALE}

Hi Mark, Yes, we received the photos and that band number you reported is right. You should get the details overnight. This is the new longevity record for Yellow-throated Warbler at 6 years, 10 months. Amazing that you were able to get photos of the whole band.

Regards Matt Rogosky Biologist USGS Bird Banding Laboratory 12100 Beech Forest Rd Laurel, MD 20708

Yellow-throated warbler

Yellow-throated warbler

Yellow-throated warbler

Yellow-throated warbler Band Photo

November- December 2017

It was slow photography wise for anything new.   Did get a few things at East Fork State park and French Park.  It was a rare photo  opportunity to get pictures of a Pelican at East Fork lake.

The Dunlin was shot in a light mist rain in low light at East Fork Lake.   Pileated and Coyote were photographed at French Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.   All with Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport on a monopod.

White Pelican


Pileated Woodpecker


October 2017

This last month was still bringing in migrators heading south at East Fork Lake.   Most of the images were take at or near the main swimmers beach.  All photos were shot with Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport lens on a tripod or monopod.

Pied-billed grebe

Common Loon

Great Egret


Franklin's Gull

Yellow Legs

Bonapart's gull

September 2017

This month at East Fork State park had  a few unusual birds to show up.  A Neotropic Cormorant showed up and stayed around the backside of the lake.   It is very rare for Ohio.  I think it has only be seen maybe half dozen times before in Ohio.  Also in the same area we had a Immature Little Blue Heron.   Then there was a American Golden Plover show up at main swimmers beach.  Another unusual visitor was the Ruddy Turnstone.  Went to White Water Park one Sunday and Photographed a Hooded Warbler and female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Little Blue Heron

American Goldern Plover

Neotropic Cormorant

Ruddy Turnstone

Rose-breasted Grosebeak female

Hooded Warbler

August 2017

The month of August is the start of shore birds showing up at East Fork State Park.  Quite a verity are already stopping at or near the main swimmers beach.  Photos were taken with a Nikon D7200 with a Sigma 150-600 sport lens ether on a monopod or tripod with gimble head.

Spotted Sandpiper

Petoral Sandpiper

Least Sandpiper


Laughing Gull

Caspian tern

Great Blue Heron

Semipalmated Plover

July 2017

Bronze Copper Butterflies were taken at Armleder Park Cincinnati, Ohio.  Nikon D7200 Open wing Sigma 180 and closed wing Nikon 105 Macro.   Buckeye, Dickcissel, and Goldfinch was at Armleder and shot with Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport on a monopod.  Spicebush was at Eastfork State park near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Nikon d7200 and sigma 180 macro.

Bronze Copper

Bronze Copper

Buckeye Butterfly

Spicebush Butterfly



June 2017

Summer Tanager was taken in Ault Park,  Thrush at Kanawha State forest in WV.  Both Herons at Oxbow in IN.  Butterflies at Eastfork State Park.

All with Nikon D7200 birds Sigma 150-600 sport.  Butterflies with Sigma 180 macro.

Summer Tanager

Louisiana waterthrush

Black-crowned night heron

Green Heron

Zebra swallowtail

Juniper Hairstreak

May 2017

Took a trip to Lake Erie Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve.   Photo of Thrush, Magnolia and Red head were taken there.    Solitary and Least Sandpipers were from Armleder park Cincinnati.

All photos with Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport

Solitary Sandpiper

Least Sandpiper

Swainson's Thrush

Magnolia Warbler

red headed woodpecker

April 2017

Wilson snipe and palm warbler were from Armleder Park.  Yellow-throated warbler was taken at Shawnee State park near Portsmouth Ohio.   Turkey and Prothonotary were taken at East Fork State Park.   All photos with a Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport.

Wilson's Snipe

Palm Warbler

Yellow-throated warbler


Prothonotary warbler

March 2017

Had a quick snow one Sunday morning and got out early to French Park to get a few winter shots.    Spring has sprung and found a pool with toads mating at Armleder Park.   Baby owls taken at Lake Isabella Park

Images taken with Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport lens.

Brown Creeper

Great Horned Owl Chicks



February 18-19, 2017

Saturday I took a few photo club members out to East Fork State Park to photograph Salamanders and Frogs.   We got lucky and found a Spotted Salamander and Spring Peeper frogs for them to shoot.   This was a first for all of them photographing Salamanders and Spring Peepers mating. 

The Killdeer and Spring Peepers were shot at East Fork and the Coopers hawk and downy were taken at Armleder Park Sunday afternoon.   The spring peepers photo and video  were shot with a Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport with a 1.4 sigma TC on a tripod.   The other photos were with the Sigma 150-600 on a monopod.

Downy Woodpecker

Immature Coopers Hawk

Immature Coopers Hawk

Spring Peeper Frog



Spring Peeper Frog

February 11-12,  2017

Went to Armleder Park Saturday Morning looking to see if I could find the beavers.  Was able to get a few shot of one when he swam around to check me out.   It was warm Saturday and we had a good rain during the night so I headed to East Fork to see if I could find Wood Frogs and Salamanders.   Found both at one of my favorite vernal ponds.  

All photos shot with Nikon D7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport except the Spotted Salamanders was with Sigma 180 macro.



Spotted Salamander

Spotted Salamander

Wood Frog

Wood Frogs

February 5,  2017

I had a chance to stop at Magee Marsh for a short time after a work service call.   I was lucky to get to see and Photograph for the first time a Northern saw-whet owl.  All Photos of birds taken with Nikon d7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport lens on monopod.   Lighthouse sigma 17-70 hand held.

Northern saw-whet owl

Northern saw-whet owl




January,  2017

Well the year didn't start out well, I lost my best friend Jerry Fritsch,  Jerry passed away January 10th.   I along with may others will miss him dearly.   He loved photography and was always willing to help newer photographers get started.

It is difficult getting back out into the field shooting without him, but I know he would  want me to keep going out and always trying to improve to get the next great shot.  So here are some images from this month.

The Wood Duck is a photo taken from the last outing when we were out together at the Cincinnati Zoo January 1, 2017.

Wood Duck

Red-belled woodpecker

Carolina Wren

Least Sandpiper



Immature Bald Eagle

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