Welcome. My name is Mark Kraus, and I am a Nature Photographer living in Cincinnati, Ohio. My passion is photographing wildlife indigenous to the Southern Ohio area. I have always loved doing things outdoors and was an avid hunter and fisherman. Now I bring many of those skills to my photography. I like to show views of wildlife many have not seen before. A good portion of my photos are taken at local parks around the Greater Cincinnati area.

 I have been photographing on and off for about 25 years. About 9 years ago I made photography a serious hobby, almost an addiction. Changed to digital 6 years ago and never looked back. OK, the question always asked and that is least important (what equipment do you use) Nikon DSLR system.

I am also a member of two local photography clubs: PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB OF GREATER CINCINNATI (PCGC) & Tri-State Photographic Society . Clubs helped me develop my skills as a photographer. Being a member of a club is a great way to learn and see what works for other photographers and to get new ideas. If you're local to the Greater Cincinnati area you can get more info about the clubs at:


Thank you for visiting my site.

Web- http://www.naturepixels.us

 E-mail- photos@markkraus.us

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